Friday, March 15, 2019

Disney's Avengers!

I've worked on this piece for a few months now in between everything else and now have a second, pop culture full illustration (the first being my Sesame St. piece) with a painted background and a digital foreground. I'm digging this direction I've undertaken with these Disney's Avengers. I realized too late that I didn't include the GOTG but with as many characters that are here, I'm okay with that. I hope I did your favorite Disney and Marvel character justice. This was designed as if it would be a wrap around cover and the right side would have the logo/title over top of everyone. Would you read this comic? 

Check out what the art would look like with a HOUSE OF MOUSE logo on it!

...and here is the process for the piece from pencil drawing to inks, and on to how the background was painted in watercolors!