Sunday, November 4, 2018

One Punch Academia

I have loved cartoons since I can remember and the older I've gotten, the more I have loved creating mashup stories where heroes and cartoon universes collide or interact! The more I get into writing my own books as well, the more I want to write and create stories and fan fiction is an amazing place to do that in!

The way I see these universes connecting is that Metal Knight from One Punch Man finds the hair that Saitama lost from his evolved state and makes a serum that he disseminates into the water. This experiment ends up giving quirks to 80% of the population! All For One comes from a higher dose being given to the first test subject, and All Might is a descendant of that first subject. From a heroic organization to a hero school, it doesn't seem too far a stretch... what was a further stretch would be if down the timeline, we saw Naruto  in is the distant future and kakegenkai end up being quirks passed down through families... but that's a whole other conversation!

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