Monday, September 24, 2018

A Reason to Smile!: Making Friends!

I have officially launched a kickstarter campaign for my 3rd book in the "A Reason to Smile!" series! It is titled, "A Reason to Smile!: Making Friends!" and it continues to star Luiza Brillante, but this time she is much younger! As much as she enjoys time in the house playing with her toys and reading her books, she really loves getting outside and enjoying time at the park. In this book she meets the friends we've read about in volume 2 for the first time and she has some great fun meeting her new friends!

This book, like volume 1 and 2 of the series, is great for reinforcing the ideals and morals that we want our children to have as a society. Being kind to others, being active and healthy, and family time are the focus of this particular book and I had a blast making each page look like an animated cell. I painted the backgrounds while keeping the characters and the foreground colored digitally in order to help create more depth in the artwork. I expect that this will keep our children engaged and wanting to read the book over and over again!

For only $15, you can preorder your very own copy of the book which includes shipping, just in time for the holidays to come! Head to today and preorder your copy before the campaign ends!