Monday, October 10, 2016

"A Reason to Smile!" Volume 2 is here!

Front and Back Cover of "A Reason to Smile!" Volume 2

"A Reason to Smile!" Vol.2 is a continuation of the journey of Luiza Brillante as she tries to enjoy the place of her birth, New York City! In Volume 1, Luiza helped other people through their adversities, but Volume 2 shows what happens when Luiza has to deal with her own adversities. 

Luiza is a walking silver lining, always searching for the bright side out of every encounter she finds herself in. The weekend is here so she already has a reason to smile, but now she gets to go downtown to hang out with her friends who live in her fathers old neighborhood. There's only one problem, she has to get there first! Check out the preview and email me at to have your own copy sent to you or your loved ones!

Head to for a preview of Volume 1!

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