Tuesday, February 9, 2016

2015, a year in review

2015 was a very interesting year for me. On the heels of selling my very first book, "A Reason to Smile!", I began work on volume 2 in order to keep the momentum going. My second kickstarter was successful in May of 2015 and I began writing and illustrating the book in June.

In that time, I traveled out of the continental US for my very first comic con in Puerto Rico! It was one of my most successful shows to date and showed me more of what fans were gravitating towards with my work. I began more horizontal layouts which presented a fun challenge and I am now able to display more of my work at the shows.

Some milestones I enjoyed was selling my first 500 copies of "A Reason to Smile!" vol.1 within 6 months. I was blessed with being a part of the Baltimore Comic Con Yearbook, having my art (the mouse and squirrel fighting in a tree) as the very first image you see when you open the book. Along with that, I saw an increase in comic con fans wanting to get colored art from me more than ever! I do love drawing at comic cons.

Please enjoy the work you see below, and if you'd like your very own custom artwork, feel free to email me at thelearningcurv@gmail.com. You can also see my artwork and progress on Instagram under the same username as my email. As of now, the pencil stage for Volume 2 is complete and I will be inking and coloring the book today! Please stay tuned as I will be updating you all with more art as it comes in! 

...and by the way, I have a LOT of art to color that I've yet to be able to work on because of my book... those fanarts will be done in 2016 for sure!

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