Sunday, November 30, 2014


These images above are a great example of where I am as an illustrator. I am creating pieces that I know will garner attention to my table at the comic book conventions. I have had so much fun in 2013 with figuring out what works and what doesn't, what people like and don't like, and finally truly feel so confident in what I am doing. As I look at some of these images, they help me remember what I should be doing and what i need to keep to myself. 2014 is going to show you a great example of why I call myself the Learning Curv. 

2013 also marks the year that I did my very first published work for a company.  I was able to do sketch cards for Upper Deck and Marvel Comics for their Thor the Dark World release! It all started from these sketch cards I did as my portfolio and when I got the assignment for UpperDeck, I made sure to knock the ball out of the park... check them out below.

If you would like any of these pieces in your home, email me at and we'll make it happen!

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