Sunday, November 30, 2014


I was working consistently at the Children's Aid Society at this point and I was busy trying to figure out where life was taking me.  I continued drawing as often as possible, but some goals had shifted a bit. I was spending a lot of time learning how to play the Vs. System card game that was similar to Yugi-Oh, but had Marvel and DC characters as their players. I studied the game a good deal and either won or placed highly in a few tournaments, and just had a great deal of fun with the game, so naturally I wanted to bring my artistic talents into this new passion.  I started drawing images I felt would work well in the card game I began to love so much.

I was also entering a stage where I was making t-shirts of my designs to market myself a bit more. The spider-man image at the top of this page was my very first shirt and, years later, I was able to show it to Spider-man legend, John Romita Sr.... He gave me the most immense compliment I have yet to receive in which he said if I were around when he was drawing Spider-man, he'd have hired me to do his backgrounds! The validation i felt after hearing that was extremely uplifting and pushed me to keep pushing towards my goal of making art my life. 

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