Sunday, November 30, 2014


I am extremely thankful for Kickstarter. If not for that site, I would not have been able to publish my book, "A Reason to Smile!" I was able to do 44 pages for this book as well as write it and it was a resounding success on the site.  At this point I am 99% finished distributing the rewards to my backers (I'm still waiting on some merchandise and addresses from recipients) and I am sold out of a good deal of my wares! Less than 50 hardcovers are available, no medium t-shirts are available, the hand knit doll has sold out as well as the buttons! This is all within a month and a half since the debut of the book at New York Comic on October 9th!

In between working on the book, I was able to warm up on other pieces and going back and forth from the book to these illustrations has helped me grow by leaps and bounds again! I see things so much easier and look forward to challenging myself on each image I work on. I hope that 2015 brings me the ability to work faster and finally get my life started where I can have a book that I am focused on as my main gig. Here's to 2015!

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These images above are a great example of where I am as an illustrator. I am creating pieces that I know will garner attention to my table at the comic book conventions. I have had so much fun in 2013 with figuring out what works and what doesn't, what people like and don't like, and finally truly feel so confident in what I am doing. As I look at some of these images, they help me remember what I should be doing and what i need to keep to myself. 2014 is going to show you a great example of why I call myself the Learning Curv. 

2013 also marks the year that I did my very first published work for a company.  I was able to do sketch cards for Upper Deck and Marvel Comics for their Thor the Dark World release! It all started from these sketch cards I did as my portfolio and when I got the assignment for UpperDeck, I made sure to knock the ball out of the park... check them out below.

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This new year brought in a good amount of artistic success with increased success at comic book conventions as well as online commissions. I was no longer working with either the afterschool programs or day school programs and I was able to go full steam ahead with my art. Each show brough a higher level of success and each piece brought a bit more knowledge and comfort with regards to my approach to each new piece. At that point I was moving forward and looking forward to what came next.

If you would like any of these pieces in your home, email me at and we'll make it happen!