Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Gotta Catch'em All!

This is probably the brightest piece I have EVER done..... I figured since I was going to be drawing so many characters, I'd design the layout as though it would be a gatefold cover. Needless to say this was a challenge, doing this many characters that I'd never drawn before.

The more I draw, the more I want to challenge myself to do things I think I can't or aren't good at. I want to make my own book (it's written and is almost fully illustrated) and I remembered doing this piece since it has a similar whimsical air to it. I figured this would be a great piece to practice on to get myself ready for that. I got the logo from www.gamingbus.com so shout out to them for having such a good copy of the logo.

I hope you guys enjoyed these, and here's a listing of the pokemon who are present:

1. Koffing                                        12. Arcanine
2. Mankey                                       13. Farfetch'd
3. Nidoran (Male)                            14. Porygon
4. Eevee                                          15. Aipom
5. Voltorb                                        16. Raticate
6. Ponyta                                         17. Rattata
7. Psyduck                                       18. Meowth
8. Vulpix                                          19. Pikachu
9. Pidgey                                          20. Bulbasaur
10. Magmar                                     21. Charmander
11. Ninetails                                     22. Hitmonchan
                                                        23. Persian

Check out the inks and pencils for this...

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