Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Comics and the Amazing City!

I have lived in this wonderful city of NYC since my early childhood and am proud to be a New Yorker. It's served as the supporting character for a lot of art I've done throughout the years and I felt the need to share some of those pieces with you.  

2006, 20th st. and 5th ave.

2006, Grand St. in Chinatown

Vanderbuilt Avenue

I was requested to have this image look like Spidey did in part 3...
That may be why so few have seen this image=]
2008 Big Apple Con exclusive
This was the first exclusive piece at my very Comic Con I attended as an artist

Pearl St.

40th St. and 5th Ave.

Inspired by NYC corporate buildings in Midtown

The Fashion District
40th st. and 7th ave.

Union Square
14th btw 4th ave and Broadway 
Rockerfeller Center
49th St. btw 6th and 5th ave

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"Sticks on the Lamb", Shaun Hurley's story with his wife about Sticks the Giraffe forced into hiding after running into problems with the mob... Such a fun project! I hope I get to do more like this!

One thing I love about inking my own work is being able to edit and fix what I may not catch in my pencils.  It's a definite learning journey I go on with each piece.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Are you going to Heroes Con? Cause I am=]

I have been attending & exhibiting my art at Comic Book Conventions since 2008 & every artist worth their salt raves about Heroes Con. It's always been said that it is geared toward artists & is VERY artist friendly. What artist wouldn't want to attend a show with that kind of reputation?

I will be attending the show this year for the first time. I have been hearing more recently that Heroes is a show where original art is better received than prints. That made me take the time to do some Sketch Covers to have available at the show. I have pretty much every sketch cover ever produced, so if you'll be at the show you could either request one from me beforehand or get one at the show. 

Hope to see you there!