Thursday, April 18, 2013


I am meeting deadlines left and right, this is so fun =] So here is my Adventure Time Illustration. This wasn't an easy illustration for me to create.  As an artist you need to know when to let something go and move on to the next project and i have reached that point here and am moving on.  I am happy with the outcome but would love to see how this may look a few years down the line when I've grown some more.

Adventure Time is the new Sponge Bob in my eyes.  I won't let my nephews watch this show but this is a great show for teenagers who understand the jokes better and know what to take seriously and what to laugh at. This show can be very freeing and fun to watch when you simply just let your mind go and allow yourself the adventures.  They even may spark imagination to run wild in your own mind... I enjoyed my studies that were undertaken in order to come up with this. I hope you like the final result=]

This was done just in time for Boston Comic Con and will be available for that show and for C2E2! See you there=]

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