Sunday, March 31, 2013

One Powerful Family

I was asked to contribute some art to a woman's choir who was doing a fundraiser with a silent auction and I contributed my Lion-O piece. An auctioneer saw the work and was so put aback from it that she asked me to create another nostalgic piece for her in She-Ra.

I have previously done a drawing of Evil Lynn and had it in my portfolio at comic cons.  It has sparked question of whether I've done any other Masters of the Universe characters.  Since I had now done the 
She-Ra piece, I figured it would be great to have her cousin standing beside her in solidarity! I present to you He-Man! 

While creating the She-Ra piece, I realized I could do a double page spread of the two characters so they they could be showcased individually and then together as a dynamic duo. 

Eternia's Family of Power

And here are some inks for you to see the work that gets put into the pieces=]

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