Sunday, March 31, 2013

Random Thoughts #1

I present to you, "Random Thoughts"


Every month I go to a drawing event called Drink and Draw NYC hosted by Khary Randolph in which I am the time keeper.  I help with the model helping them feel comfortable and assisting them with directing their poses if need be.  Thankfully Khary gets some really great models so the directing is barely ever needed. The great thing about our D&D is it is very casual and often times poses are given from the artists there as well, requesting a specific pose they may need practice handling. 

In February we had a shorter but very creatively dynamic model which was fin to sketch. Sadly I did not capture her femininity enough. I tend to try and get every single curve and detail when I draw from life. The next D&D will showcase what I've learned from this experience and how I've moved in a new direction.

One Powerful Family

I was asked to contribute some art to a woman's choir who was doing a fundraiser with a silent auction and I contributed my Lion-O piece. An auctioneer saw the work and was so put aback from it that she asked me to create another nostalgic piece for her in She-Ra.

I have previously done a drawing of Evil Lynn and had it in my portfolio at comic cons.  It has sparked question of whether I've done any other Masters of the Universe characters.  Since I had now done the 
She-Ra piece, I figured it would be great to have her cousin standing beside her in solidarity! I present to you He-Man! 

While creating the She-Ra piece, I realized I could do a double page spread of the two characters so they they could be showcased individually and then together as a dynamic duo. 

Eternia's Family of Power

And here are some inks for you to see the work that gets put into the pieces=]

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Norrin Radd, The Silver Surfer

I wanted to color/finish the Galactus piece I did back in 09.  It's been a pretty well received image of late, and in thinking about how I would handle it. I realized I've never created a solo Silver Surfer piece, so that coupled with Illustrious Bits calling for the Surfer to be the subject of their weekly sketch helped inspire this.  Hope you dig it=] 

I really hope Marvel brings him back into the comics....

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Princess Diana, Wonder Woman

I use to draw Wonder Woman once a week and have her presented on Wednesdays to practice my ability to draw women. I have struggled with drawing them too masculine in the past and am still working toward making them more elegant, more delicate but strong at the same time. Wonder Woman is a perfect character to practice that with and look forward to the day I can draw her with the ease that I have with men.

Here is my latest celebration of the character.