Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays!

This time of year, with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, I really appreciate the opportunity to take some time off, and reflect. I can have the time to regroup and think about how the next year needs to be handled, as well as spending some time with people I don't always get a chance to see. 

Hopefully this holiday season, you've been able to find what you've needed, even if it was right in front of your face, or if it took a journey for you to get what you need.  Happy holidays!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Bleez Vs. Morrigan

I love mash ups!  I think it all started when I use to see the Superfriends, and how excited I was seeing all of my favorite superheroes together at one time.  From there I'd hear collaborations between hip-hop artists and that'd get me even more hype to draw or write my own rhymes and it just continued from there. 

I have been trying to do things different and working with traditional media is one of those different things.  Below is the full painting I did with watercolors after applying a greytone to the image. Above is the finished product taken straight from the inks, brought into Photoshop CS5 and colored that way.

And here we have the inks straight from my sketchbook

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

King Arthur

I grew up with the Superfriends, and always related to the jokes about Aquaman.  Until the mid/late 90's he was never relevant to me. And then Grant Morrison and Howard Porter remade the JLA with a different looking/acting Aquaman.  The Justice League cartoon had a great episode that introduced him and then LA fell into the ocean and I began to respect the man a bit more. 

And then Ivan Reis and Geoff Johns revamped Aquaman in the New 52 and made him a real character. Most comics are regurgitating things now, but the new storyline focusing on Atlantis is LONG overdue and I can't wait!
Aquaman Inks

Sketch Cards

As I try to venture into new directions with the comic art, I have tried my hand at the Sketch Card format. I just recently bought some Prismacolor markers, so I will be coloring these bad boys soon enough.  This was definitely challenging simply because I've never done them before.  Coming up with new poses seems easy enough but with application comes the actual problem.  I don't generally draw this small for finished work (usually only thumbnails are sized this size at 2.5 by 3.5, everything else i draw is either 9x12 or 11x17) so it was nice to see that I can do it, though I can see places where I need work.

I hope to be Rittenhouse bound ;-)

Who is your favorite villian?

experimentations.... pt1

So here we have Deadpool, inked with colored prismacolor tech pens.  I've never done the colored ink thing before except with  this image below:

the man without Fear.... Daredevil....

I am feeling a bit stagnant as an artist, so this is another step in doing something unfamiliar to grow... I am looking forward to stretching more artistic muscles=]