Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Baby Looney Tunes

This image was created to be a banner behind a family who will be cutting a cake for their child. They also wanted the individual characters to be spread out around the party as well so the banner was made from the individual images supplied below. In all honesty, Lola Bunny was the funnest to draw, with Sylvester a close second. Who is your favorite? 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Lady & Hoots

Continuing in the cartoony vain, here is Lady & Hoots, a commission created for a client who wanted his little cousins turned into superhero types on a comic styled cover. The nicknames of the children are in the title and I was asked to create their looks in the theme of their nicknames.

I had so much fun designing the boys costume that I had to do some more drawings of it, in a slightly different way to separate it from the look of the commission so that it was my own.  I tried to make it simpler  and easier to replicate, giving the original commissioned piece more detail and more bang for the buck.

Below is the final color version next to the original inked piece.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tink runnin wit los Loco's=]

I was commissioned to create an illustration with Tinkerbell being an engineer, with the conductors suit and the Steam Engine being the two other things in the mix that needed to be there. The client told me the man that she was giving this to took down his favorite picture in his office and replaced it with this=] I was very honored to hear that!

Sometimes I almost wish I only had to do pencil drawings with regards to commissions, they hold so much life in them.  I will always enjoy doing illustrations though, I can't help but be happy seeing the end result, knowing that my mind and body was able to begin a concept and see it through to create this final product!