Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Father Vs. Son

I hear that these two are going to go at it in the funny pages, so it was nice to be able to handle my rendition of it.  I am still having a hard time creating images with a good bright color even when dealing with dark characters or situations.  I am trying to do what i do and then after flattening it changing the highlights/shadows in the Image section of Photoshop, but I would like to be able to start out that way rather than have to edit my own image after it's "done".  Thankfully that option is there to help salvage what I create, and thankfully i am able to continue to create to learn from.... 

So in case you don't know of these characters, the one on the left is the newest version of Venom and the one on the right is Carnage.  Carnage spawned from Venom's first incarnation  (with Eddie Brock) and has been his and Spider-man's worst enemy from the get go.  I honestly don't even remember how they ever were able to beat him which makes me want to go buy some old trade paperbacks=] (I own them all but they're in storage and i doubt finding a few books out of 27 long boxes will be easy/possible).  

check out the inks and pencils from this piece=] 

Monday, October 15, 2012

New York Comic Con!

This year was my first year as an artist in the Artist Alley of the New York Comic Con! I was excited, nervous and all around happy the entire weekend from all of the love shown by fans, friends and family that stopped by the table and gave their support!  I was especially thrown back by all of those who were wondering what comic I worked on and wondered why I wasn't making comics yet.... that will change very soon everyone, be on the look out, comic pages are on their way! Thank you to everyone who came by and I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did.... now enjoy some cool images I took from the con! 

Hipster Juggernaut
random ninja turtle