Saturday, September 15, 2012

Baltimore or BUST!

And a bust it wasn't! I don't think I've ever done a two day show with so much energy, so many fans, and so much love for comics! I myself was able to come home with some great prizes as well.  I finally have my second volume Flash Omnibus with Geoff Johns and the MAN Scott Kolins! I finally have some art from Brandon Peterson (shout out to Marvel for making that book happen, now we need one for Adi Granov!) and from Tom Raney too! I got to talk to Jamal Igle and found out that he and Ron Marz are working together again on something creator owned, ALONG with Molly Danger.  he's also donig side work all over the place so that man is an inspiration with his hustle!

My lady had her birthday out there (she actually came with me to the con and was busy with ME on her birthday, soooo good!) so I took her to a nice seafood dinner, and Baltimore has some of the BEST! You can tell how excited I am about this trip because I am using WAY too many caps=]

Well, on some more exciting news, as if all of this wasn't enough, after 4 years, I finally have a table at the new York Comic Con!


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